Edwin L. Garside

Director of Audit Services

    Edwin Garside is an experienced financial professional with over 35 years of senior management experience. He was one of the founders and Chief Financial Officer of Optima Bank, which was recently sold to Cambridge Trust. Prior to joining the team that opened Optima Bank, he was CFO at StonehamBank for many years. Ed has extensive experience in risk management, finance, investments, ALM and liquidity management, strategic planning and corporate leadership. As an executive officer, he also played an integral role in on-going business continuity planning, compliance, information technology, Human Resources, Loan Committee and CRA oversight.

    Ed has an MBA and a BS in Management Advisory Services with a double major in accounting and management information. He was named the New Hampshire Business Review Financial Executive of the Year in 2014 for providing outstanding fiscal leadership and asset management. Ed was a past president and National Director at Large of the Financial Managers Society (FMS), Boston Chapter, where he coordinated educational programs for financial executives in the banking industry. He is currently the President and Member of the Finance Committee, Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees of The Music Hall.

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